Overled it is a Brand name of DDS elettronica srl.

Overled deisgn and develop electronics solution for LED application since 2002, switching power supply, costant current controls, embedded electronics and LED.

Overled have produced several thousand controller in the years, where our electronics and led lamp found application in several different field as, Cruise boat (last generation) with switching power supply, TV stages all Italian television are using Overled products, Hotels, restaurant etc.

Overled develop more than 50 new project per year, DMX controller, DALI, ART NET NODE, BUS system (DoMONET) power supply and DMX, intelligent lamp solution, or customized application on customer request. Overled is serving the best illumination customer giving all kind solution electronic and led to help it's customer on LED LAMP design process.

Overled it's also a partner for design and installation of big illumination system LED based, helping it's customer on design and develop installation.