DDS 554

DDS554 is a 29W meter RGB- White led strip with 168 led 3014 + 84 led RGB per meter. To produce our indoor flexible LED strips, we use 3-step McAdam and high quality RGB LEDs, gold plated flexible double side PCB and constant current control inside the LED strip. Thermal conductive adhesive tape guarantees perfect heat transfer to the mounting surface.
All of our product features guarantee extra long lifetime and stable performance. Our flexible LED light strips are designed for long term professional lighting applications and perfectly fit in any linear applications.

DDS 554

Power Supply Vdc 24
Total Current A 6
Total Power W 144
Current Per 0,96mt A 1,2
Power Per 0,96mt W 28,8

Operating Temperature TC C° 70
Life Time (25C° PCB Surface) H/24 40000

Led Per 0,96mt 84 3528
Led Model 3528 3014
Color Rendering Index (MIN) CRI >95 - R9=80
Light Emission Angle 120
Luminous Efficiency W/Im 70
Luminous Intensity Per Meter/Red Cd/mt 59
Luminous Intensity Per Meter/Green Cd/mt 173
Luminous Intensity Per Meter/Blu Cd/mt 35
Led Model Im 1176

Width Mm 11
Lenght Mt 4,8
Cutting Unit Mm 80
Pull Force N 1
Pelling Resistance N/mm 0,8
Flexible Resistance Cycles 8
Max Curve Mm 100