DDS.643 it is a DMX generator with easy user interface for small and medium DMX installation, and it’s very low cost.The preview RGBW led embedded on the front of this DMX generator, show the preset color or the color CHASE if set.The color selection is always available by touch in the area of the desired color, the intesity of the color out can be set by master dimmer slider.
DDS.643 is designed to work with RGBW module or Dynamic white, the DMX channels out are preset with default color or Kelvin for Dynamic White, as shown below:

- DDS453 DMX Channel 1 = Red
                 DMX Channel  2 = Green
                 DMX Channle  3 = Blue
                 DMX Channel  4 =  White  4000Kelvin

Our DMX controller  DDS453  constant current or voltage version use the four channels  DMX 1,2,3,4.

- DDS344 DMX Channel  1 = 2700Kelvin
                DMX  Channel 2 = 4000Kelvin
                DMX Channel  3 = 6500Kelvin

Our constant Voltage controller  DDS344 use 3 channel  DMX 5,6,7 In case of application dynamic white varing the White slider on the DDS643 the DMX generator change the 3 different white color to match the area color you touch.
DDS.643 send atomatically using RDM protocol the personality and DMX address to each board connnected.
DDS643 is compatile with any other DMX controller that use DMX channels assignement as in this specification, even if the controller haven’t RDM.


 DMX512 Compliant
- Max 7 Separated DMX Addresses
- Power Supply 9/24Vdc 100mA
- Touch Pad Area Capacitive
- RGB Touch Pad Area
- Dynamic White Touch Pad
- ON / OFF Touch Pushbutton
- Auto Chase Touch Pushbutton
- Capacitive Slider For Master Dimmer Out
- Connector For  DMX And Power Supply Disconnectable
- Wall Mounting Or 503
- RGBW Led For Color Preview