EcoECCO is for all users of USB/DMX/RDM protocols but economic respect ECCO. is totally compatible with standard  RDM 2,0 & DMX USITT 1990. EcoEcco can be powered directly from any PC USB port (Mac too). The hardware of the  is robust and economic  designed to be handled without any fear of breaking if incidentally dropped. EcoEcco as  been designed to facilitate RDM bi-directional communications using DMX protocol.EcoEcco integrates the discovery RDM protocol that identifies all fixtures connected with DMX protocol.  

The EcoEcco is also the perfect interface DMX pass-thorugh gear compatible with the majority of all existing world’s software

EcoEcco is a non insulated interface, the DMX potencial is connected to USB, take care about insulation before to connect.

The DMX wiring is made by cable, Blue cable is the B - of DMX, Amber is the A+ signal of DMX, Black is the GND of DMX.



Mechanical 3 D Files

Overled Esuite software

Overled Esuite software MAC

Software ECCO Windows