OverDot is an RGB led pixel, each pixel consists of 6 led RGB full color middle power 3528. Each pixel re-launches the control signal by amplifying it back to the next pixel, the connection is made by connecting two power cables and a signal cable that enters and one that exits, for a total of 4 cables, the maximum number of connectable pixels is 202, using a Trex-BIS that can convert ArtNet to oneWire signal, 2 total channels, or Trex-PRO that has 8 total channels.
The plastic shell has a braket for snap fastening on a special hole, this hole allows the insertion of OverDot on a panel or structure in a very simple way, two additional holes help to center OverDot to the panel. Light is diffused through the opal shell, which spreads it evenly.



OverDot STP files

Photometry OverDot