DDS1145 is an high voltage insulated LED driver e controller with

the following main features:

  • 48Vdc fully isolated operation
  • 4 dimmerable channel
  • PWM modulation (3kHz / 11bit)
  • Max output current: 430mA
  • Output voltage range :100-270V
  • Max output power: 340W
  • Standby power < 1W
  • Protections: short circuit, open circuit, thermal.
  • DMX-RDM control


DDS1145 Is An High Voltage Insulated LED Driver E Controller With

the Following Main Features:

  • 48Vdc Fully Isolated Operation
  • 4 Dimmerable Channel
  • PWM Modulation (3kHz / 11bit)
  • Max Output Current: 430mA
  • Output Voltage Range :100-270V
  • Max Output Power: 340W
  • Standby Power < 1W
  • Protections: Short Circuit, Open Circuit, Thermal.
  • DMX-RDM Control